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AYA Colloquium for Emerging Scholars in American Studies

On October 20, 2021, Nicole Haring and Dagmar Wallenstorfer from the Center for Inter-American Studies from the University of Graz organized the second online/hybrid AYA Colloquium prior to the AAAS Conference “Digital Americas”. Seven emerging scholars from Austria, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, and Pakistan were able to present and discuss their PhD or master’s research projects in American Studies. Contributions were shared in advance among all participants, who were asked to read them prior to the forum. On the date, the participants briefly presented their projects (10-15 mins) to allow for enough time for feedback and discussion. The goal of the colloquium was to provide emerging scholars the opportuinity to discuss their work, receive feedback, and build networks with others in their field.

Several AAAS members (students and scholars) joined the audience of the colloquium. Moreover, as the Center for Inter-American Studies’ CEEPUS exchange week took place at the same time, several scholars from South Eastern Europe participated in the colloquium as well and provided constructive feedback to the presenters.

To access the program, please click here.

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